Our limited edition made in collaboration with Copenhagen design gallery, The Apartment, is now exclusively available online and at The Apartment.

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"The collection is inspired by the fantastical and mysterious world of the Circus. The circus, in all its vivid colours, excitement and drama, has influenced the palette of the glasses, offering a range of festive and surreal shades. This collection reflects our enduring fascination with the 18th century’s striped tents, carousels, horses, clowns, and the vibrant promotional posters.

The Apartment, located in a restored 18th-century building, feels like the perfect home for the Augusta collection. Tina is renowned for her curation of eccentric design as well as her appreciation for colourful décor, making this collaboration a seamless fit.." – Annika Zobel Agerled, co-founder Akua Objects. 

Poetic Tableware

We founded Akua in 2022 with a simple mission: to redefine tableware. Our pieces, including glasses, vases, and bowls, are handmade by expert artisans from ten different European glassworks, including Murano in Italy and Bohemia in the Czech Republic.

Craftsmanship and design are at the heart of what we do. We celebrate rounded forms, faded colors, and the marriage of time-honored techniques with innovation. Each piece embodies the warmth of deep reds, smoldering oranges, and luminous yellows.

Our collections are permanent, reflecting our commitment to enduring quality. Akua is more than tableware; it's a celebration of life's simple pleasures and the magic of creation. 

Welcome to Akua, where every moment is a meditation, every piece a poem waiting to be written.

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Akua Objects was founded on a nostalgic wish to honor glassware as poetic objects. 

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A Shadow Story

People leave traces of their lives by the objects the choose. When they are not here anymore, the story is still being told. Like shadows cast on silent walls.

For some people that can be a certain painting, a piece of furniture, a vase or something else. Physical memories passed down through the generations.  Akua Objects is a part of this shadowy story.

Glassware as poetic objects - somewhere between functionality and feelings, where every object tells a story. 

The collections are each named after a person who has made an impact on Akua Objects’ design. The objects thereby honour the memories of certain people, inviting you to not only decorate your table, but also to remember. 

A social gathering of people and objects around a table. A tableau of memories, which transcends temporary satisfactions and trends.