Gabriel Collection

In the heart of Bohemia, amidst the cobbled streets and the frost-kissed air, there existed a magical
atelier. Here, skilled Italian artisans, like modern-day enchanters, breathed life into molten glass,
transforming it into a symphony of delicate Christmas ornaments that danced with the spirit of the

The colors range from the deepest midnight blues to the golden hues of newfound generosity. As
the artisans spun their tales in glass, the Gabriel Collection emerged—a manifestation of dreams woven into the fabric of the holiday season.

And so, the glow of the Gabriel Collection, for in each delicate ornament, there echoed the promise of redemption, the joy of giving, and the timeless magic that binds hearts together during this most wondrous season. The glass, radiant and clear, captures the essence of winter's breath and the very spirit of Christmas. Each creation is a celebration of the ties that bind families together.

Akua invites you to partake in a dance of light and wonder—a Dickensian reverie, where the spirit
of Christmas, guarded by celestial beings and aquatic wonders, is encapsulated in glass, and every
ornament tells a tale of timeless enchantment.

Photographer Hasse Nielsen